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Or -Law is one of the leading class-action law firms in Israel and has earned a high reputation for excellence and innovation in groundbreaking litigation against large corporations. The Firm collaborate with other leading law firms from all the globe to achieve justice everywhere.


Class Actions, in our opinion, is a combination of tradition and innovation in the field of law. On the one hand, the firm has adopted a modern and innovative organizational culture, while at the same time using the skill that underlies the traditional values ​​of lawyers. For that purpose, the office staff implements the tools given to us by the legislature to deal with the unequal relationship between the individual consumer and the large corporations on a day-to-day level.

A personal story is the core of any successful business. The choice of class action is not accidental for the firm's founder, Adv. Phinehas Michael Or, who experienced the negative power of the big corporations - as a citizen who was harmed by an unacceptable injustice, bravely decided to take action.

Since that case, Adv. Or has been working hard to faithfully represent the consumers affected by consumer injustices.
Adv. Or believes that "correcting the acts of injustice" of the corporations / state authorities as a mission of a "fighter for justice" who knows how to deal effectively with the sorting challenge, the efficiency challenge and the fulfillment challenge that underlies the Class Action process.

Adv. Or believes that Class Action is more than a legal tool. It is a mean of correcting and changing a distorted situation on the way of educating the large bodies, restraining their powers, and bringing social justice to the economic conduct of the country.

Pinhas Michael Or & Co  Law Office

Our People

עו"ד פינחס מיכאל אור

עו״ד פינחס מיכאל אור

Pinhas Michael Or

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עו"ד מורן שרביט מינס

Moran sharvit mines

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עו״ד הודא בהנסי

Hoda Bahansi

Moshe Avitbool.png

עו"ד משה אביטבול

Moshe Avitbol

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עו"ד בן חי קוזניצקי

Ben chai Koznitzky

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עו"ד ד"ר אלעד אופיר

Elad Ofir

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עו"ד ונוטריון עינת ניימן

Einat Neuman

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